Is your water bottle making you fat?

I see people out exercising, sporting their water bottles, doing their thing, especially on a nice day. I just hope they’re not drinking from those bottles.

You see, when manufacturers make water bottles, they use a chemical called bisphenol A. It’s released over time, especially when plastic gets warm.

The result?

The chemical is unleashed into the water you drink, causing you to pack on ugly fat. (You won’t ever see THAT on the label.)

So if you’re exercising like crazy and the fat isn’t budging?

Lose the plastic water bottle and check out this video:

 –> The hormonal hurricane that’s keeping you fat

Bisphenol A contributes to the hormonal hurricane that’s compromising all the good things you’re doing for your body like exercising and eating healthy.

Once you understand what happening, there’s something you can do to reverse the situation quickly.

–> Learn more about what’s keeping you fat

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PS: Right now, drinking from a fancy plastic water bottle is like status symbol. It’s kinda sexy, in a “Look at me, I’m trying to be healthy.” It’s time to spread the word.

PPS: Also don’t put plastic in your microwave. Same thing happens, except nasty chemicals are unleashed into your food.

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