An amazing story of (my own) Recovered Health

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You may not know it, but I am probably the least likely guy to have successfully
helped thousands of golfers in 32 countries go from Fat Storers to Fat Burners
in 2 weeks or less without Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving…They actually Eat MORE!

It was sort of an accident that I got into the field of nutrition almost 40 years ago.

You see, I was desperately ill with incapacitating BELLY PAIN that sent me to the
Emergency Room multiple times a week. The doctors knew me on a first name basis. They could only shoot me down with pain meds but could not figure out the cause.

I went the traditional route to my Beverly Hills Internist, then sent to a Beverly Hills Gastroenterologist, and was eventually sent to the UCLA Pain Clinic which was (a new concept that centered around learning to live with the pain).

Although they checked me for many conditions you would never want to have…
they just could not figure out the cause or treatment.

So after falling thru the crack of orthodox medicine…
I was desperate and found a new doctor who was pioneering nutrition-oriented medicine.

With his help of this doctor, I learned that my problem was on my PLATE.
I fortunately discovered that I was allergic to one specific food that was causing
most of my issues. This was like a miracle for me.

Sure enough, when I changed how I was eating, my whole life changed.
My pain was gone, and I woke up every morning with a blast of energy.
That’s when I decided to dedicate my work life to helping people
with bad bellies like me.

I developed my unique formula for good health that surprisingly turned out
to be a magic bullet for weight loss too.

—>Go save 80% and Lose 15-20 pound 

over the holidays instead of GAIN it 

Losing weight, I discovered, really is easy… once you know the REAL secrets.

I immediately started teaching others what I had learned. I set up seminars,
speaking engagements, and one-on-one meetings and eventually began coaching PGA tour pros, club pros and amateurs alike, on how to quickly and easily start getting in shape and eating right.

And they saw results right away, too.

Fred Funk, who I gave “Game Day” food advice right after he qualified for
the U.S. Open at Bethpage, has been playing some great golf ever since.

And Don Trahan, who, after working with me, fits into a suit he hadn’t worn
in 17 years…I have even helped a former World #1 trim down from “whale” status
who now looks better than ever. Don Trahan Update-Listen below

All this…Without Ever Going on a Diet or eating less!

Well, then my phone started ringing off the hook, with golfers who had heard
all about me and knew that I could get them results fast. They were literally
begging me to work with them so that they could get the same results as so many others. 

I became the go-to golfers’ food and weight loss coach.

Little did I know when I set out to help people with BAD Bellies,
that it would morph into helping people with BIG Bellies. But it did!

If you want to Unlock Your Fat Burning Potential, it has never been easier…

Give me just 2 weeks (or less) to Flip your Switch from Storing Fat to Burning Fat.

My Program Melts the Fat Off…Works for anyone,
even if you’ve struggled with weight your entire life.
(and you can save 80% just use this link)

—–>Go save 80% and Lose 15-20 pound 

over the holidays instead of GAIN it

“Eat More and Lose Your Gut!” 

Now You Too Can Learn the Simple “Eat Clean” Secrets That
Allow ANY Golfer… No Matter How Overweight or Out of
Shape… To Lose As Much Weight as They Want Without
Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving.

And the best part is—not only do you get to EAT MORE and
Weigh Less, you’ll play a better game of golf, too!
(Even if You’re Not a Golfer…You Can Still Eat Your Way Thin…Wives Love It)

Here’s Proof:


Ron Lost 40 pounds and Gained 40 Yards Off the Tee
(Not to mention his labs, blood pressure, and blood sugar normalized
AND his Sleep Apnea Vanished on my Thin Golfer Program) 

Ron Chavez lost 40 Pounds and Gained 40 Yards with his Driver
Shrunk his waist from 38? to a 32?

His Blood Pressure dropped from 139/100 to 113/68,

His Resting Pulse went from 92 down to 58,

His Cholesterol dropped from 229 to 157 and his Sleep Apnea Vanished

Ron also says “I started the program on October 8, 2012
which was a period of time I would have expected to gain weight rather
than lose all this weight during the holiday season.

I used to sleep with a C-Pap machine because I had sleep apnea,
I no longer have sleep apnea.
I can now outlast my grand kids when we play outside.
My joints feel like they have been lubricated.
I won because I am not fat or out of shape anymore.
Not bad for a 55 year old grandpa.
At first I was a skeptic and didn’t want to make the investment in myself.

Had I known how well this was going to work for me–
I would have gladly paid 10 times the tuition.
Bottom Line: The whole cost of being overweight finally
became more than the cost of the solution which was to
NOT be overweight.

Thanks Larry,

~Ron Chavez

——>Go save 80% and Lose 15-20 pound 

over the holidays instead of GAIN it 

Ron Chavez was Interviewed on PGA Tour Radio to share his Inspiring Story with
Matt Adams on the Fairways of Life Show

Ron Chavez with Matt and LJ 

My world famous Thin Golfer Program has helped
THOUSANDS of Golfers in over 32 countries go
from Fat Storers to Fat Burners in 2 weeks or less
WITHOUT Dieting, Counting Calories, or Starving.

Joe (above lost 60+ lbs on my Thin Golfer Program)

Get started today and Avoid all that stress about what to eat.

Thin to Win, 


P.S. Want to know how you can go
From This—————>To This? Be Like Paul 

Interesting Image

The “Chubby” Paul lost 70+ lbs
(doesn’t even look like the same person)

Want results like Paul…

——>Just click here and Get Started Now


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Larry with Michael Breed at
a Wounded Warriors golf clinic
at Walter Reed Hospital
Larry with CBS Sports
Legend Jim Nantz
Larry with Arnold Palmer
raising money for
Special Olympics

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