Why D-I-E-T-S Don’t Work–But This Will [Roger Maltbie Story]

In my book, diet is a four-letter bad word.


Because most so-called “diets” leave you fatter than you were when you started!

If you’ve been on diets before, you may know what I’m talking about.

Diets restrict calories.

But no one can stay on a calorie-restricted diet forever!

While you’re on the diet, your body slows down your metabolism to save you from the “starvation” of the diet itself.

And when you go off the diet, you most likely go back to your old eating habits.

But now your metabolism is slower (because you were just on a diet!), and you’re gaining weight faster than before.

And here’s the worst part. When you lose “weight” on your “diet” you lose mostly muscle and water, and very little fat!

And when you go off the diet, the weight comes right back on, but this time, it comes on as body fat.

Do you believe this?

You end up having MORE FAT than when you started the diet!

But this is true for so many people who “diet” and think they are doing the right thing.

It’s sad, and it’s unfair that people who diet end up bigger than they’ve ever been!

When I met Roger Maltbie from NBC Sports, he was the biggest he had ever been, topping the scales somewhere short of 300 pounds.

He had always been a big fellow, but now he was getting bigger and bigger and his friends were getting worried.

In fact, when I spoke to Gary Koch, Roger’s colleague at NBC Sports, he told me: “We are so worried about Roger.”

“He has just gotten so big, that we’re scared to death something terrible is going to happen to him.”

Now, this was at a tournament at Baltimore Country Club, where I had been hanging out with Allan Doyle and Fred Funk.

But I also wanted to find Roger, and see if I could help him.

So I asked Gary, “Where can I find him?”

“Out in the NBC trailer complex,” he replied.

That’s how I found myself in the middle of the woods, behind the 5th hole, in front of Roger Maltbie’s trailer.

I peeked inside the door and see him sprawled out on a couch.

I motioned to him to come here.

And he looked at me, like “who the heck are you?” and motioned to me to come over to him.

I sat down and whispered to him who I was, and what I did, and offered him my help.

And to my surprise, he said, “Wow, what amazing timing! I just promised my wife I was gonna lose 50 pounds by June! Let’s do this!”

He followed the program to a T, and lost 30 lbs. in 8 weeks. His clothes were falling off of him!

Now, I may be the go-to Food and Weight loss coach for golfers, but I have to be perfectly honest with you about something.

Many times, the golfers don’t come to me.

I have to go looking for them, and convince them that it’s about darn time that they did something about their weight.

I’m sure you know the feeling…

Being overweight, and sick and tired of it…

But you don’t know what to do.

Losing weight seems like this huge Mount Everest, especially if you’ve tried to diet and failed before.

But today is your LUCKY DAY.

Because I’m here to help you to get up off your butt and do something about your weight!

And guess what? It’s not going to be hard.

It may actually be FUN.

And I’m sure as heck going to keep you motivated to stick with it.

With the benefit of 28 years of experience, and a weight loss system that I like to call “eating clean” that NO ONE else is teaching…

I guarantee that I can take ANYONE, and turn them into a fat burner in two weeks or less, without dieting, starving, or counting calories.

And that means you, too!

Wouldn’t it be nice to LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE New Years INSTEAD of GAIN it? (Like making a Birdie instead of a Double Bogey)

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That’s Don Trahan, a buddy and client of mine, who has called me the “Tiger Woods of Weight Loss”

I’m proud of the nickname, but I’m even prouder of his success!


    “The Chubby Don”       Thin and Fit Don

Get results like Don’s for yourself:

I look forward to helping you “get out of the fat trap”and getting you results just like Roger, and the hundreds of other golfers that I have helped to lose 30, 40, and even up to 100 pounds!

It worked for them, and it can work for you too.

That’s my promise.

Click here to get started right away:


Thin to Win,

Larry Jacobs

Larry with Michael Breed at
a Wounded Warriors golf clinic
at Walter Reed Hospital
Larry with CBS Sports
Legend Jim Nantz
Larry with Arnold Palmer
raising money for
Special Olympics

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