The Best Supplements That I Use

The # 1 question I get asked is “What supplements should I take?”
They are listed in my Thin Golfer members area but if you are not a member yet you can still get them.
Here are the core supplements I have been using for over 20 years and how to get them:

Ultra Preventive 10 (Great hypoallergenic Multiple Vitamin and Mineral) 

Cal-6-Forte (a highly absorbable form of Calcium and Magnesium) 

Ester C Plus (a highly absorbable form of Vitamin C) 

Nutri E 400 (a highly absorbable form of Vitamin E-Complex) 

Balance Plus (a great Essential Fatty Acid Formula) 

Multi-ProBiotic 4000 (assists digestion and helps restore the intestinal tract with the good bacteria/flora) 


Order Supplements Directly from: 

Douglass Laboratories Toll Free: 877-666-6408 

(Refer to Account #207-3385) 


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Larry with Michael Breed at
a Wounded Warriors golf clinic
at Walter Reed Hospital
Larry with CBS Sports
Legend Jim Nantz
Larry with Arnold Palmer
raising money for
Special Olympics

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